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Thigh Lift Surgery

Medical interventions against skin sagging and frequent weight loss and gain in women that result in a more aesthetic apperance is called thigh lift procedure. In old age, skin sagging is seen in the body and may cause unwanted sights on the legs. It is possible, however; to get rid of these situations with various aesthetic surgeries with the developing technologies and methods in medicine. Although there are tendencies such as not being able to get into the society or hiding in the mentioned situations, it is very easy and simple to do thigh lift surgery today.

The patients who have decided to be operated on should reach out to a specialist physician in the field of leg aesthetics and explain their condition. As a result of the examinations and analyzes of the patient, the physician decides the surgical method to be performed with the patient. An appropriate operation day and time is determined by taking into account any special circumstances if there is any. The patient should stop using things like cigarettes, alcohol, medications before thigh lift. One who wants to avoid any problems or errors during the surgery should pay attention to these conditions and if there is a special condition about the leg, they should immediately inform their physician.

Thigh Lift Surgery Procedures

The physician who will perform the surgery determines which part of the leg to work with by lines. Considering the excess fat and width, the method to be applied for the operation is determined and a painless surgery process starts with advanced technologies.

The patient who undergoes thigh lift surgery does not feel any pain or aching after the procedure. In case of any discomfort such as swelling and numbness after the procedure, one should consult the physician immediately and follow the recommended treatment. The patients should not perform certain activities after the surgery and take care of themselves. They should stay away from daily activities or anything that will strain the leg, and should use the medications given by the doctor regularly.

Does Thigh Lift Surgery Leave Permanent Scars?

After a professionally performed surgery that is specialized in the field of aesthetics, suture marks left are almost negligible. With today’s developing medical technologies, methods that do not leave stitch marks have been developed and these methods are frequently applied in surgeries. The method that does not leave any suture marks used also in thigh lift surgery,  may leave scars that wouldn’t cause any disturbance to the patient. Sutures that can hardly be seen right after the surgery will begin to become less and less visible in time. The patient can also hide the not-so-visible stitch marks with underwear. No stitch marks are visible through any casual clothing. It is not generally possible for an outsider to actually see the stitch marks.

Postoperative recovery problems can be a nightmare of patients. The situation, which seems very bad for a patient who has not undergone thigh lift before, can actually be solved with a few simple dressings done by the physician.

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