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PRP Treatment and its Prices

PRP is one of the effective treatment methods against hair loss and baldness. It is a treatment method which is based on reapplying to your body processed things taken from your own body. Therefore, the risk of allergies is very low and patients are generally satisfied with the results. You can find information in this article about some details of this treatment.

As you know, hair transplantation is the process of collecting your existing hair follicles and placing in the balding area by opening channels. The main purpose of this treatment is to revitalize your passive and dormant hair follicles. PRP has the same purpose. However, the application here is different. If you are a suitable candidate for PRP treatment, your doctor will draw some blood from you before the operation. This blood is then treated.

Enrichment of the Blood

In our blood there is a substance called platelet, which is also called thrombocyte. This substance accelerates the regeneration and growth process of our cells. As we age, this substance may decrease in blood and its effect will decrease. This affects our hair follicles as well and the roots may weaken, our hair may stop growing. PRP treatment is a kind of platelet enrichment of our blood. The blood taken from you is put into machines called centrifuges and goes through some kind of distillation process. This results in a platelet-rich blood.

Application of PRP Treatment

This enriched blood is applied to your balding area. As in other hair transplantation methods, channels are opened and injected into your body. But PRP is not a short-term treatment. The number of sessions depends on your balding rate and some other factors. After about 6 months, the effects begin to become clearer and the results of the treatment are fully seen within a year. Patients receiving this treatment were satisfied with the results.

PRP is one of the least risky treatment methods. Because the substance that is administered or injected to you is your own blood. No foreign matter enters your body. If you have the procedure done in a clinic that meets the health conditions and has the necessary certificates, there is no risk. Of course, you should be careful when choosing the clinic and the doctors. You should ensure that specialist and experienced doctors are involved in operations at the clinic of your choice. This operation must be performed by a professional team.

Prices of PRP Treatment

PRP is one of the treatment methods specially developed for the individual  Issues such as how many sessions you will need and how wide the balding area is, are effective in determining the price. Therefore, there is no fixed price of treatment. It is determined by the patient’s condition. When researching and choosing a health center or clinic, you should consider choosing health centers with specialist doctors rather than low prices. In this way, you can make the most of your treatment by not risking your health.

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