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Nose Jobs

Nasal aesthetic surgeries, which are applied for both visual and health purposes, are aesthetic operations performed generally in cases where the nose shape is not liked. Rhinoplasty can be performed for complaints such as hook structure of the nose, low nasal tip, length, large or asymmetrical nostrils. In addition to these reasons, nose jobs can be performed to eliminate the deformities that are a result of trauma in the nose.

In nasal aesthetic surgery, development of the musculoskeletal system should be completed. Therefore, bone development is expected to be completed in children before the operation. Although there is no upper age limit for this type of surgery, it should be kept in mind that risks of anesthesia and postoperative complications may increase in later years.

Nose aesthetic surgeries are generally not very painful operations.Post-operative bruising and swelling is a natural result of the aesthetic surgery. The cotton pads used after nasal surgery have now been replaced by silicone pads. With the use of silicone buffers, bleeding that occurs during the buffer removal stage is also prevented.

How Is the Operation Performed and What the Techniques Used?

There are two techniques used in nose jobs which are open and closed rhinoplasty. The doctor decides which of these techniques will be used depending on the age of the person and the operation that is going to be performed on the nose.

 Open Rhinoplasty: It is performed with the help of a small incision made from the lower part of the nostrils. With open rhinoplasty method, there are more intervention areas than closed technique. Intranasal, cartilage structure and soft tissues become more visible. With open rhinoplasty, cartilage deformations, curvatures, cartilage deficiencies or depressions can be detected and corrected. The open rhinoplasty technique provides a clear visual appearance of the structural defects in the nose and allows the revision of the nose aesthetics to be more accurately planned.

Closed Rhinoplasty: It is a surgical technique that lasts approximately 1.5 hours under general or local anesthesia. In the operations performed with this technique, no incision is made on the outside of the nostrils. All operations are performed inside the nose. All ligament and muscle functions in the nose are perfectly preserved. With closed rhinoplasty, the healing process take lesser time compared to open rhinoplasty. Edema and other skin problems occur in smaller amounts. After the surgery, the sutures that are meltable from the inner part of the nose are thrown out naturally. You do not need to take out the sutures and there is also no suture marks visible from outside. Postoperatively, silicone is usually kept in the nose for 3 days and silicones are removed at the end of day 3. Bandange outside the nose is removed a week after surgery. Return to normal life with closed rhinoplasty can begin after the first week.

There are two main factors affecting the success of a nose job. The nose is functionally functional and ideal in appearance. The ideal nose structure should always have a natural appearance.

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