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Nipple Aesthetic Surgeries

Standing out among aesthetic interventions and being common among women in recent years, nipple aesthetic surgery is performed both for health and visual reasons. Aesthetics has a very important place in the rapidly growing medicine with the developing technology in recent years by specialist doctors. Especially breastfeeding mothers whose nipples are not developed properly prefer to go through with the operation so as not to have problems breastfeeding. With little operations the mother doesn’t go through these difficulties breastfeeding the most valuable asset of her life who is the baby. Nipple aesthetic operations provide the opportunity to breastfeed the baby comfortably. At the same time, the more prominent nipples reach the dimensions that can disturb women.

Who Can Have Nipple Aesthetic Surgery?

First of all, any woman who is uncomfortable with her nipple and physical appearance can have this surgery to feel more comfortable. It is a type of surgery that is preferred by many women who went through problems such as cancer, breast trauma, breast sagging and breastfeeding. People who had trauma such as burning can easily rely on experts for nipple aesthetics. Nipple aesthetic surgery is a simple procedure that causes no harm.

How is Nipple Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Nipple surgery is performed by plastic surgeons under local anesthesia. This surgery, which is quite common nowadays, is performed without cutting and tearing off the milk channels. Fully tailored to the preference of the person, nipple reduction and accentuation is easily performed. The same image is provided to the people whose nipples are not congenitally developed or whose nipple is destroyed in cancer thanks to developed technology. All desired procedures related to the nipple and surrounding ring are carried out by experienced doctors under local anesthesia in a short time.

What to Do After Nipple Aesthetic Surgery?

Women who have undergone surgery go through complete recovery after careful care. But there are still issues to pay attention to. Especially after the operation, women need help to recover. Although it may vary from person to person, it is usually an operation in which women are discharged on the same day. However, taking into account the advice of the doctor against the risk staying the night in the hospital is convenient. After the surgery, pain medications can be used with the recommendation of the doctor. However, it is inconvenient for people to take drugs randomly. The swelling on the edge of the breasts will return to normal in a short time. The bandages are usually removed 3 days after the doctor’s check. The nipple problem, which is seen in three different conditions as mild, medium and advanced, can be rendered highly aesthetically successful.

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