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Neck Lift

Sagging caused by aging occurs in the neck region as  in every part of the body. The angle between the neck and the jaw begins to disappear with sagging in the neck area. In the cases of frequent weight loss and gain and the area under the jaw being small and behind, sagging of the skin may occur at an early age.

In neck lift surgery, an incision extending from the front of the ear to the ear lobe and going towards the back of the ear is opened. In this way, the skin on the face and neck is released. The soft tissue on the face is hung upwards with the help of stitches. The excess of the skin is removed and sutured to the incisions in the front and back of the ear. Liposuction can be used if there is fat accumulation under the chin. The bands which are perpendicular in the neck region are released by horizontal incisions that are 3-4 cm long made under the chin and sewn together to form an inner corset. In cases where the lower jaw is small and behind , with the help of the prosthesis to be placed in the jaw  the chin can be accentuated during the neck lifting surgery. Neck lifting surgery is performed under general anesthesia. This operation can be in the range of 5 to 7 hours since other areas besides the neck are intervened as well.

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