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Mole Removal

Moles formed in the body for various reasons can cause aesthetically disturbing situations, even if they are harmless. Skin-coloured or brown moles are usually seen on the face, armpits, eyelids, back and chest areas. Many of the moles may be from birth or form later.

Every human certainly has a few moles. Light-skinned people have between 10 and 40 moles. Having more than 50 moles in the body poses a high risk for melanoma, a type of cancer. This type of cancer matifests itself by changes in moles. Individuals with more than 50 moles on their bodies should check in with their dermatologists regularly. Moles that have darkening colors, turning into black purple, change in size, wound opening and bleeding should be evaluated by plastic surgeon.

The moles formed in the body can be removed by laser treatment instead of surgery as well. In order to apply the laser treatment, moles should be benign. Formations with very deep roots and skin cancers should be removed using surgical methods.

In the treatment of laser; local anesthesia is applied and the patient feels no pain. Because the operation is carried out quickly, a large number of moles can be removed in a single time. After the application, crusting passes within the first week and redness remains. Redness will take the color of the skin within 1 to 6 months.

Advantages of Laser Mole Treatment;

  • – Moles that aren’t too big will have no trace.– It is effective in moles that are both puffy on the skin and at the skin level.

    – Because it is a process that can be performed easily in a short time, it is possible to intervene in the formation of 30-40 moles in a single session.

    – Recovery happens quickly and it does not require dressing.

    – It can be applied easily in hair and beard areas because it does not damage the hair follicles.


Mole Removal Prices

Mole formations can take many different forms. In addition to the moles called skin tags, moles can form smoothly on the surface of the skin. Depending on the condition, type and the place of the mole, the rates of removal vary. The technical equipment and location of the hospital where the application will be performed, as well as the experience of the physician who will perform the operation, cause changes in the prices of the removal. A thorough examination should be performed prior to the removal procedure. At the end of the examination, the most accurate price information will be revealed.

Formation of New Moles On The Body

The number of moles on the body can increase due to many reasons. The most common cause is aging. Due to aging, the number of moles increases especially on the shoulders of people. In addition to aging, cancer types can also increase the number of moles. Excess sunbathing and pregnancy can also be counted among the causes of increased number of moles. Another reason would be hormonal changes. Women in menopausal period may also experience increased number of moles. Sometimes it is possible that moles multiply genetically without any other reason.

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