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Lip Augmentation

Plump and prominent lips are one of the most important expressions of a feminine posture. Every woman wants to make her lips stand out and attract attention when she puts on makeup. If you have thin or vague lips due to any discomfort or genetic features, cosmetic surgery can help you with this. Although it may seem like a trivial matter, it is not. Plumper and more beautiful lips change your facial expression and increase your self-confidence. It also makes you look remarkable and younger.

Can Anyone Have Lip Augmentation?

If you are not pregnant and your anatomical features do not interfere with this application, you can be a suitable candidate for lip augmentation. Another point that needs to be considered for the filling operation is whether you have an allergic body. Because some ingredients are used to make the lips more prominent and you need to know if you have sensitivity to them.

How Is Lip Augmentation Done?

There are several methods that are effective for lip augmentation or aesthetics. One of these is the injection of a substance called collagen or a substance suitable for your skin into your lips. This is the easiest operation for lip augmentation. If you do not have an allergic body and you are not pregnant, you can have this operation. After the test, collagen can be injected into your lips and your body absorbs it in a short time. However, the effects may not last very long. Your lips look much fuller for a certain time. Another substance that can be injected into your lips is oil. Oils that are taken from any part of you can be used to make your lips fuller. While there is no need for local anesthesia for collagen injection, it is needed for fat injection. Allergic risk of fat injection is less, because a part of your own body is given back to you. Both operations do not last very long and you can immediately go back to your social or business life.

How Long Lip Augmentation Lasts For?

Collagen or fat injection is a short-term and low-risk operation. Some patients may experience swelling, redness or bruising for a short period of time immediately after the operation, but these usually go away quickly. The results of both can make you happy, but they can be effective for a certain period of time. This time may vary depending on your body structure. Whenever you feel discomfort with your lips, you can repeat these two operations. A price is determined based on the density of the substance that will be used and the details of your operation. In fact, there are also long-lasting and permanent fillings. But they are not recommended because there is no return and also because a different substance will be injected into your body. The lip augmentation definitely changes your look and makes your lips more prominent, but the already existing lip line is unlikely to move. This operation is meant to make your lips look fuller with lines that are already naturally apparent. If you decide on this operation, you should definitely choose a clinic that has the necessary health certificates and works with specialist doctors.

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