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Gynecomastia is a very rare abnormal breast growth problem in men. Although it is not very common as a breast enlargement in men, it is a health problem experienced by some people today. Although gynecomastia is not a definite cause of a health problem, it is generally defined as the lack of sex hormones and the imbalance experienced in these hormones during the development of men. Although it is usually seen in adolescents, it is also an occasional problem in the higher age group. It can create different situations. Because it often disrupts the image of people in daily life and sometimes is not considered normal in society. It creates many different results one of which especially is one’s feeling unhappy about oneself. In order to avoid these situations, you can safely have a surgery by reliable, experienced and equipped doctors. Gynecomastia, which causes some social and psychological discomforts, is a problem that can be solved by surgery.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Recent research shows that gynecomastia ‘s being seen in every 18 men is quite important. In fact, although there is no general reason, experts give great importance to lifestyle and nutrition.  So, it is very important that males stay away from unbalanced nutrition and inactive life. Especially men in development need to pay more attention. Gynecomastia, which creates difficult social and psychological problems in society, is experienced on one side or both sides. Substantially, gynecomastia is a result of rarity of doing sports and the loss of hormone balance. The occurrence of this disorder causes men to lose their self-confidence to a large extent.

How Is Gynecomastia Diagnosed?

Gynecomastia in men manifests itself as visible growth, swelling and increasing pain in their breasts. Many tests, such as CT and especially hormone tests are performed by the doctor. And surgical intervention is performed according to the result.

Surgical Intervention in Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, which causes you to have negative results in daily life and is increasing today, requires a correct diagnosis process for health problem. In order to make this diagnosis, it is necessary to get help from specialist doctors in a fully equipped hospital. After the diagnosis of gynecomastia, the surgical process begins. As a result of the examinations performed in the surgical intervention, the fat tissue in the excess breast is removed. The method that is commonly used is known as liposuction method. It is not a process in which the skin is cut. It is the process of drilling holes on one side of the breast region in the body. After this procedure is performed by professional doctors and teams, each hole is closed with identical and aesthetic stitches. Although it may vary from person to person, many different methods can be used for gynecomastia health problem. If a very intense growth is seen, excess oil is removed by cutting. In addition to these, one of the most preferred methods in recent years is the laser-applied variant of liposuction method.

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