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Facial Fat Grafting

It is an aesthetic operation in which fat is injected under the skin in the facial area. The purpose of this application is correcting the deformed appearance. The fat needed for facial fat grafting is supplied from the body. In the majority of individuals, the area that fat is mostly apparent is the abdominal region. Therefore, it is the most preferred area for facial fat grafting. However, it should not be understood  that there is a need to remove fat from the abdominal region. Fat can also be supplied from waist, hip, arm and leg areas. In addition, fat that is taken to remove the under-eye bags can be used for facial fat grafting.

Generally, local anesthesia is used for facial fat grafting. Especially if a combined application will be performed, general anesthesia is used. Fat tissues taken from the body can be used after various processes such as centrifugation and washing. The fats that are ready to use are then delivered under the skin with the help of an injector. With the performing of this process , the facial fat grafting application is completed.

The major advantage of facial fat grafting is that no cut or stitches are performed. With this application, which does not require hospitalization, patients can continue their daily lives without any interruption. The persistence of facial fat grafting varies depending on many factors. The more persistent  the fat on the face before the injection process is, the more permanent the injected fat can be. On average, 40% of injected fats  can persist after 6 months. This suggests that it may be necessary to repeat the facial fat grafting procedure. Permanence is more successful in body parts that are inactive.

Before the Operation

If there are drugs used by the patient before the application, they should inform the physician. Blood thinning drugs should be stopped at least 1 week before the operation. Smoking and alcohol use should not be used for a while before and after surgery.

After the Operation

After the application, cold compresses are applied to reduce swelling in the area. In general, it should be roamed in the area at 15 minutes per hour. The first two days after the procedure, it is normal to have a swelling in the area other than oil injection, and it is the usual state of the process. These swellings gradually disappear and disappear. After 4-5 days, light massage is applied to the application area and swelling can be reduced. Since excessive heat and steam exposure will increase swelling, it is necessary to stay away.

The oil injection process does not cause discomfort in dimensions that will affect the daily life of the person. However, due to bruises that may occur, the first few days should be spent by resting. Tapes placed at the entry points opened for oil injection are removed the day after the procedure at the latest. It is necessary to use antibiotic effect creams for 5 days to the application area.

Since facial oil injection is a surgical application, edema may occur in the region. It should not be confused with the edema formed and the injected adipose tissue. The edema that will occur will decrease in the healing process. The procedure with oil injection is a permanent method.

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