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Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

Eyelid aesthetics are performed to get rid of excess fat, sagging, bagging, collapse, bruising and wrinkles and also to enable a more youthful and dimanik look. While the upper eyelid is evaluated in relation with eyebrows and forehead, and the lower eyelid is evaluated in relation with the cheeks.Excess  skin in the upper eyelid is removed to prevent sagging. Drooping eyelids are take care of by shortening the muscles that lift the eyelids.

Eyelid aesthetic procedure is generally needed after 35 years of age. Surgery can be performed at an earlier age in people who have excessive bagging under their eyes or drooping upper eyelids.

The skin has an elastic structure. But with age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity. The loss of elasticity in the face is first noticed in the eyes. This change in the eyelids can cause signs of fatigue, dullness and an older appearance. Signs of aging in the lower and upper eyelids include;

  • Drooping upper eyelid,
  • Sagging and wrinkles on the eyelids,
  • Bagging and change of color under the eyes,
  • Tired facial expression.

Skin loosening on the eyelids also causes drooping eyelids. This can sometimes restrict your field of vision. In some cases, drooping eyebrows can also cause drooping eyelids. Eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty), which can be performed both for aesthetic and functional reasons, can generally be applied together with eyebrow lifting, forehead lifting and endoscopic midface surgery.

In the upper eyelid aesthetic surgery, the skin and muscle tissue in the region is cut and removed. In order to prevent the sutures to be seen, incision is made at the level of the fold of the eyelid.

Fullness on the cheekbones releases itself downward with aging. This causes collapse of the lower eyelid. Before performing any procedure on the lower eyelid, hanging the fat pads in the cheekbones are put back in tis place. By hanging the oil pads in place, there may be no need to perform any operation on the lower eyelids. After this procedure, the lower eyelids are re-evaluated. Eyelids are checked for sagging and bagging. In cases where these findings do not disappear, lower eyelid aesthetic procedure is initiated. In this surgery, incisions are performed right under the eyelashes. After entering from the incision, fat is distributed to the region and excess skin and muscle are removed. This completes the aesthetic operation. If the drooping under the eye continues after the operation, fat injection can be applied to the area after the healing process.

Precautions To Read Before Eyelid Surgery

  • The use of blood thinners and antibiotics should be discontinued at least 1 week before the operation due to increased bleeding that may occur during surgery.
  • Smoking should be discontinued 2-3 weeks prior to surgery, as it adversely affects healing.
  • Herbal supplement products should also be discontinued before surgery as this may have unexpected results.
  • If you have any diseases, allergies and medications that you use, you should notify your physician.
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