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Brow Lift

Brow lift operations can be planned alone or in conjunction with eye-related operations. Due to aging, the elasticity of the muscles on our face decreases and sagging occurs. The sagging of the eyebrows may make the eyelids look more droopy than they actually are. Brow lift operations aim to give the eye and forehead regions a more vigorous appearance.

Many different techniques can be applied for eyebrow lift operations. Nowadays, the most commonly applied method is endoscopic brow lift. This method is an brow lift operation applied with the help of small and thin cameras without any incisions and remaining scars. In endoscopic brow lift process, small holes are opened in the inner parts of the scalp and the procedure is performed without bleeding and scarring. With this operation, scarring and excessive swelling caused by old methods are prevented and the healing process is shortened.

Along with endoscopic brow lift operation, coronal brow lift is another preferred method of brow lift. Coronal brow lift method can be easily applied with local anesthesia. The eyebrows are brought to the desired position with the help of a small incision from the front of your hair line. The advantage of this method is that the process is not permanent. The brows returns to its original state in an average of 6 months to 2 years. At the end of this period, a new eyebrow shape can be made in accordance with the constantly changing trend.

Healing Process After Brow Lift Surgery

  • After the brow lift operation, band dressing is applied to the area for several days.
  • During the healing process, cold compresses can be used to improve swelling in a shorter period of time. Swelling in the area after surgery is a normal condition, but bruising is not commonly encountered.
  • On the 7th day after the operation, the sutures in the scalp are removed.
  • You can be wash your hair as of the 3rd day of the surgery.
  • For a certain period after the operation, numbness and movement limitation may be experienced temporarily in the operation area. This is expected to occur during the recovery phase.

How Is an Ideal Eyebrow Supposed to Look Like?

Ideal eyebrow with changing fashion trends such as length, sharpness, upward or downward position, thickness, position has changed over the years. Besides the beauty of the eyebrows, it is very important that they accencuate the eyes. Today’s ideal eyebrow is; not like a straight line, slightly curved, the highest point is proportional to the pupil, eyebrow starting point being 1.5 centimeters above the inner level of the eye, the end point being 2 centimeters above the outer level of the eye. If the start or end points of the eyebrows are removed more or less than necessary, this may cause unwanted images. Too much lifting of the end points of the eyebrows will create an angry expression on the face and will also reduce the interaction between the eyebrows and eyes. This results in brows and the expression seeming unnatural .

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