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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction (mammoplasty) is a procedure preferred by men or women with large breasts. Breast reduction is a preferred process both for health and for aesthetic appearance.

Breast reduction is the process of shrinking breasts with the help of plastic surgery. With this procedure, the excess fat and tissues in the breast are removed by surgery and a smaller breast appearance is provided. If you have large breasts, your breasts are heavy, if you want to correct your discomfort or to get a proportional breast size, breast reduction surgery is right for you.

You may be physically and emotionally more fit after breast reduction. People who do not like their own body can suffer from emotional problems as well as getting tired of physical activities if they have heavy breasts. With breast reduction surgery, you can improve your personal image and increase your skills to participate in physical activities.

If you have decided to have a breast reduction surgery, you should consult with an approved, qualified plastic surgeon.

Reasons For Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a highly preferred surgical method by people who have the following problems.

  • Breast reduction surgery may be preferred in cases of chronic back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain requiring pain medication.
  • In cases of irritation and loss of skin under the breasts,
  • When there is pain in the breast nerves,
  • When the breasts are heavy and they prevent being active
  • Large breasts not seeming aesthetic,
  • Having difficulty in fitting bras and clothing.

Misconceptions About Breast Reduction

Having large breasts can become torture after a while. Carrying extra weight in the upper parts of the body can lead to shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain and sweating. In this case, breast surgery is highly preferred. But among the public there are some misconceptions about breast reduction. Such as:

  • There is no size limit for breast reduction. It is possible to reduce any size of breasts to the desired size.
  • Breast reduction surgery is not performed only in adolescents. Older people can have breast reduction surgery. Breasts can also grow after puberty. As your body continues to change over time, your desire for breast reduction surgery may increase.
  • Breast reduction surgery is not as scary as it looks from the outside. You can go home on the same day after the surgery.
  • After breast reduction you can continue breastfeeding your child. Many patients think that they cannot breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. However, 80% of the patients can breastfeed after the operation.
  • After the operation, loss of sensation in the nipples is likely to ocur. However, this numbness goes away after a while.
  • The post-surgical scar is quite small, contrary to what is assumed.
  • With breast reduction, the risk of breast cancer is actually reduced.
  • This surgical intervention has the highest patient satisfaction rate in the world.
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