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Breast Lift Surgery

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight gain results in sagging breasts. Gravity and time are also effective, and over time, weakening and sagging of our chest muscles can be seen. If you are uncomfortable with this condition and want your breasts to appear more fit and upright, aesthetic surgery can offer you a solution. Breast lift surgery is one of the most commonly used aesthetic operations and gives effective results. In this article, you can find brief information about the operation and other details.

Purpose of Breast Lift Surgery

The goal of breast lift surgery is to lift your sagging breasts. If you suffer from breast sagging, you can test which stage you are in. You can find out the extent of sagging according to exactly where your nipples are. For example, if your nipples are going down the curve of you breasts, there is sagging. The further down the nipple is, the more the sagging. But as you know,  some women complain about big breasts and others complain about small breasts. If your breasts are both small and sagging, you may consider prosthesis insertion. If your breasts are both big and sagging, you can consider fat removal along with breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift is a Surgical Operation!

Those who complain about sagging breasts generally wonder whether there is a solution without any incision. However, according to experts, breast lifting operations should definitely be performed with surgical methods. Sagging can only be solved by this method. In this case, another question that the patients are most curious about is whether the stitch will leave any permanent scar. Aesthetic surgery, although advanced in this regard still leaves a little suture scar. Only surgeons who are experts in their field try to leave these scars under the curvature of the chest.

Healing Process

Generally, after breast lift surgery, you stay in the hospital for a day. As with other operations including incision, pain may be felt for a while, but with painkillers this problem is minimized. Newly developed techniques no longer require stitches to be taken out after the procedure. For the breasts to take their new shapes, a sports bra is worn for a while. Patients are called for a doctor’s check every 3 or 4 days for a while. Opening of the wounds is not a very common complication. But if such a problem occurs, the healing process could take a month; but if such a problem is not experienced, the patient can recover completely after 3 weeks. However, during this period, you should avoid heavy lifting, reaching too high or bending.

Prices of Breast Lift Surgery

Unfortunately it is very difficult to determine a fixed price. Because the prices of the procedure varies according to the size of the breasts, the size of the sagging, prosthesis to be used and the amount of fat that would be removed. You must have the operation performed in a clinic with specialist surgeons, with health certificates and that meets the necessary conditions. You should be sensitive about this because your health cannot be compromised. Before the operation, a qualified surgeon will contact you, decide which methods are right for you, and then you will receive clear information about the price.

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