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Arm Lift Surgery

Excessive weight, old age and external factors may cause unwanted images on the arm and these bad images can be easily removed by arm lift surgery. Generally speaking, sagging complaints due to old age and overweight have increased recently. With advances in medicine, aesthetically advanced surgeries allow unwanted arm appearance to be eliminated with a simple operation.

In case of an overweight person’s doing exercise and losing weight, the body’s stretched skin can sag. The sagging condition, which is seen more apparent in the arm, can be eliminated by a simple arm lift operation.

How Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

In order to carry out arm lift, a specialist physician should be consulted. The specialist physician determines the cause of the patient’s complaint through various examinations and tests. Then, according to the situation determined, method that will be used in the operation is selected. After the day and time of the operation is determined, it is easily performed with local anesthesia. During surgery, the patient does not feel any pain. The operation takes approximately 1 and a half or 2 hours.


The patient needs to be very careful after the surgery. Because, if the patient  doesn’t  comply with what the doctor says, it will be inevitable to encounter bad results. The prescribed medication should be used regularly and should be consulted to the doctor immediately if any discomfort occurs.

After arm lift operation, the patient is kept under observation in hospital for approximately 12 or 24 hours. The patient should be under the supervision of a physician so that the physician can intervene immediately in any complication that may be encountered. The patient may be able to return to work in approximately 1-2 days, but still the patient needs to take care of himself for a certain period of time.  Discomforts such as infection, bleeding, numbness and etc may be encountered during this period, so the operated arm should not be overloaded. Otherwise, it will be inevitable to encounter unwanted results.

Points to Consider in Arm Lift Surgery

The use of substances harmful to health, such as alcohol and cigarettes, should be quitted before arm lift. In general, these substances, which are very harmful to health, may affect the surgical process. In addition to smoking and alcohol, if any drug use continues for any reason, these drugs should be discontinued at least 10 days before surgery. If the medication used is mandatory and should not be discontinued, this should be reported to the physician. Considering these situations, the most appropriate operation method is determined and the most efficient operation is chosen. Before the arm lift operation, if there is a cyst or any condition that needs attention, it should be told to the physician.

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