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Abdominal Lift Surgery

Aesthetic practices done for reasons such as pregnancy or excess weight problems are called Abdominal lift surgeries. Especially after pregnancy, many problems such as sagging and accumulation of excess fat in the abdominal region occur. But medicine is quite developed for these problems and they can be solved with simple operations. Abdominal lift surgeries, which are mostly performed on women, provide a fitter appearance by removing excess fat and stretching the abdominal region. In today’s medical technology where it is very easy to get rid of the sagging abdomen with a simple operation, these operations are frequently performed.

Healing Process of Abdominal lift Surgery

Postoperative recovery process is critical. One should pay attention to himself for a certain period after surgery. He should be careful about his doctor’s prescriptions and use his medication regularly. Sometimes postoperative problems such as bledding and etc. arise and are usually caused by the patient. So, the patient should stay away from the movements that will tire oneself too much after the surgery. In order to obtain an efficient and lasting result from the surgery, the doctor’s instructions should be strictly followed.

How Is Abdominal lift Surgery Performed?

The process of the surgery starts with the analysis and examinations performed by the doctor on the patient. The area where the surgery will be performed is drawn with lines. The sagging skin and cracks are removed and the remaining skin in the upper region of the navel is pulled down. This eliminates the unwanted appearance of the abdomen and adjusts the new position of the navel in a balanced way. If the patient has excess fat, it is possible to get rid of these fat with the method called liposuction applied to the abdominal region. After the operation, the operated region is sutured in a way that leaves no mark. The aesthetic appearance obtained in the surgery is also preserved without any deterioration with the method of suture which does not leave any mark. However, if a pregnancy or weight gain occurs again after the operation the abdominal appearance may be impaired again. Patients do not have any problems in the abdomen as long as they perform what their doctor says after the operation.

How Long Does Abdominal lift Surgery Last?

With the development of medical technology, the duration of aesthetic surgeries has been considerably shortened. The surgery takes approximately 3 or 3 and a half hours. However, the duration of surgery varies from one individual to another. The operation time may be shortened by considering the patient’s abdominal area and the cause of the complaint. If there are minor complaints such as sagging in the abdomen, the operation can take only an hour. In patients with a large abdominal area, the duration of the operation can be up to approximately 4 hours.

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